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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Stop the blaming game: Tinubu is not responsible for economic hardship – Adesope

The present economic situation in Nigeria is not friendly to all which made many people to start blaming the present government  for the hardship but on the contrary, the president, Oodua People’s congress reformed, Ambassador Oludare Adesope has said it would be unfair to criticise President Bola Tinubu over the economic hardship in Nigeria.

Adesope said this in a brief meeting with the press on Friday, explaining why Nigerians should not play blame game on Tinubu because the country problem is an accumulated issues that can’t be thrash in just few months ‘ Nigeria problem did not start in a day, we all know everything in Nigeria in the last eight years was done with debts ; so we should not expect Tinubu to use a magic wand to correct the wrong in just few months; we should rather give him more time to unravel Nigeria economic problem’.

The OPC boss further explained that he have been, over the years, clamoring for security because the farmers cannot work freely in their farms when been threatened by some groups and a nation that has security breach will face some difficult situation, even many well trained economist who has studied monetary policy in the last eight years, has earlier predicted this present difficult situation.

Responding to what would happen to Yoruba Nation since Sunday Igboho is now free, he said, Yoruba descendants should be thankful to Tinubu because his release may not have been possible if a Yoruba son of the soil is not the president. He went further to advise everyone to support President Tinubu and also put an agitated new nation on hold as no president would encourage such during his time. ‘I am a full supporter of Yoruba Nation, but I noticed that President Tinubu is already taking some steps that will favour everyone’.

Adesope also commend the president for adopting Oronsaye report tagging it as act of courage which will reform public service, however, he said, it would have been better if the federal government can merge the two houses of the National Assembly while the number of Ministers, Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants significantly reduced instead of denying the civil servants some benefits while implementing the Oronsaye Report.

Also, the issue of double wages for some politicians needs to stop. We have some ex governors who are  at the senate or serving as ministers presently. These people are collecting pe sion due to them as ex governors, and they are also electing their salary either as a Senator or Minister

Conclusively, he expresses his displeasure on the recent killing of Yoruba kings in Ekiti and Kwara respectively, he said the action is a slap on Yoruba race so the kings should go back to their roots to avoid being attacked by miscreants in the future.

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