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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Joy, happiness, as Chief Shamsondeen Akintude mark a year on the throne


The whole ancient town of Ilate-Etido in Obafemi- Owode, Ogun state was set agog last Tuesday, 7th March 2024 as the baale of the town, High Chief Shamsondeen Ajibawo marked his first anniversary on the throne of his fore-father.

The entire community came out en masse; they were all on the ground to make the day a very memorable one, all the community made sure the day did not go unnoticed. They all gave all necessary support to the baale who they described as actualizer and man of the masses.

To make the day a meaningful one, both the Muslims and Christian offered prayers for High Chief Akintunde for the massive developments he has brought to the community.

The christian prayer was held at Methodist church, while the Muslims prayed for him in the mosque.

In his words, the Oniro of Iro land in Obafemi-Owode, Oba Nojeemdeen Alani Eyiowuawi Aromaye, said is very pleased with baale for the great developments he has brought to his community. He praised baale for having the love of his people at heart. He further said that he had no regret for choosing High Chief Akitunde the baale of Ilate-Etide.

Alayeluwa also promised his continua support for baale and entire people of Ilate-Etido, he further explained that efforts are in progress to take back the the benefits of people of Ilate-Etido that were wrongly took from them

In his further speech, Oniro said he would make sure that all the towns under his doman live in peace and one accord. He also enjoined the people of Ilate-Etido to give all desired and necessary support for their baale, because a tree cannot make a forest.

In our research, we gathered that since his assumption as balae of Ilate-Etido, High Chief, Akintunde, has brought magnificent development to his community.  We also learnt that baale has revived many abandoned projects in his domain. Some of the revived project was a school abandoned for many years which the pupils are enjoying  now. Baale  also has a robust relationship with the state governor for  his people to benefit from state resources.

High Chie Akintude explained that  what  his people are enjoying  from him are just the tip of the iceberg, he said many goodies are coming their way soon. He noted.

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