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Monday, September 11, 2023

unveiled! Osahon Okunbo; Nigeria youth empowerment and philanthropist by excellence

 Osahon  Okunbo, , without doubt is a seasoned businessman and entrepreneur with  decades years’of  board and management experience in Nigeria even across Nigeria  which cut  across various industries, including oil and gas services and facilities engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and project management.

The philanthropists a well known globally for his dexterity in given out and helping people in needs has helped a lot of people both in Nigeria and abroad, is not yet done with his philanthropist’s way of his life

“ To me i did not see anything special  given out to people and I am not regretting every little thing I have been doing. Given out to people has always been one of my callings and I am not going to relent in doing that”

In addition to oil and gas, Okunbo holds various leadership positions across various non-oil sector industries such as hospitality, agriculture and aviation. 

He is also an executive and non-executive director of various companies, which employs directly and indirectly over 6,000 Nigerians. which had made many people to tag him  " The employer of labour"  and yet  is craving to do more to help the youths of his  great country Nigeria. 

“ Government alone can not do it, that is why the individuals have to come to the aids of the government, for me I am doing my best and I believe my best is still yet to come. I want to the youths of our nation to be something in life and not constitute a nuisance” - 

Okunbo has overseen and managed the successful execution of projects and contracts valued at over $4bn, including a number of complex transactions within the oil and gas service sector. 

He has worked closely with both public and private companies, including NEPL and NNPC and he is a skilled administrator and well versed in the successful execution and delivery of projects in the Nigerian oil and gas space.

“ That I have worked in so many private and public sector though says much about my contribution to the development of the country and by extension the economy. I believed it is not by my power but God”

Okunbo’s  experience did not stop at only oil sector and the rest but he also an  upstream sector, and is a shareholder in and part of the team developing the Egbolom field, (PPL 202) the largest marginal in the 2020 marginal field bid round. 

He has an excellent track-record of operating in the Niger Delta and is well respected by industry and communities in the region.

A Director and manager at the Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Ltd, Delta Pacific Maritime Ltd, Genesis Hydrocarbons Nigeria Ltd (shareholder of Ingentia Energies Limited – operator of Egbolom),Ocean Marine Securities Ltd, CMES-OMS Joint Venture Ltd, COPDC Nigeria Ltd.

Known for his perfection, the humble young man who did not allowed any things to distract him is currently having various projects that have been executed by companies that  he directs, and this include: Security and Maintenance of the Trans Forcardos Pipeline; Security and Maintenance of the Trans Niger Pipeline; Development of the Egbolom Marginal Field, PPL 202,Building of an HDD line in OML 34

He is an excellent administrator with a strong track record in project delivery across all areas including technical and finance.

A Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Manchester University in the UK and a graduate of Lagos University Business School. 

Okunbo showed his love for education by extending his hands of gravity of philanthropists to education sector, He is the founder of the Osa Okunbo Foundation, which has contributed to the development of education, youth empowerment and provision of portable water and other critical services in his home town of Benin City, Edo State.

with all these accolades Osa Okunbo still remain humble and ready to give more
“ I can t be tired of doing what I like doing best”

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