Monday, July 31, 2023


In 1948, Azikwe the Igbo leader of the first Republic declared war on Egbe omo oduduwa a Yoruba organization formed by Awolowo to defend Yoruba's interest in Yorubaland. Why? Ibibio state union and Ibo federal union was formed before this period yet the Yorubas did not cry blood, we minded our business in Yorubaland but the day Egbe omo oduduwa was founded by Awolowo was the day Azikwe and the Igbo intelligentsia of the first republic declared "fatwa" on Awo and any pro Yoruba political leader.

Azikwe called Egbe omo oduduwa a fascist movement that must be crushed. He wrote letters and petitions to the British government to jail Awolowo because he argued that Yoruba unity and brotherhood is an existential threat to Igbo interest and agenda in Nigeria most especially Yorubaland. He lobbied the British government to charge Awolowo with treason in order to look for a legal way to get rid of Awolowo because he saw Awolowo as the only impediment for the political takeover of Yorubaland by Igbos.

During this period, Herbert Ogunde the foremost Yoruba poet and theater practitioner released a song called "Yoruba Ronu". Herbert Ogunde wrote this song to call for Yoruba unity most especially to call out the agenda of Azikwe and his followers in their quest to entrench the internal division within the Yoruba people. Zik hated any form of unity within the Yoruba people because he understood that the destruction and disunity of Yoruba people is where the strength of the Igbos lies politically in Nigeria.

Yoruba Ronu became a philosophical battle cry for all Yorubas during this period to come together to defend their ancestral lands from hateful and vici:ous souls parading as fellow countrymen. It is also not surprising that Olusegun Obasanjo as the military head of state banned the song Yoruba Ronu on Nigeria's airwaves. Are you now convinced that those who don't see OBJ as part of Yoruba leaders have a strong point? or are you now aware why Igbos are always praising Obasanjo while cursing Awolowo? Obasanjo was a potent weapon of mass destruction for them when it comes to the destruction of Yoruba unity and cohesion.

The Neo-Zikist group called the Obidiot movement with its political party called the labour party with its NCNC manifesto declared war on Yoruba Ronu in 2023 elections. Azikwe their father called Yoruba Ronu a fascist slur, the descendants of Zik have termed Yoruba Ronu a Nazi terminology. They hate Yoruba unity,  they hate Yoruba cohesion, they hate Yoruba culture, they hate Yoruba stability and prosperity but these sons and dau:ghters of perdition that Professor Wole Soyinka regarded as nattering nitwits and neoliberal ethnofascists want to hijack YORUBALAND from Yoruba people.

Their greatest weapons are propaganda, misinformation, denigration, political Christianity hateful ethnic minorities and brainwashed Yoruba Gen Zs with zero form of self preservation. They want Yorubaland deethnicized and deyorubanized so that they relocate their population from the East to take over YORUBALAND under the cover of Nigeria.

The agenda of the neo Zikists is not different from Adolf Hitler's Lebensraum project of relocating German populations to non German speaking areas and taking it over via political power grab and change in demography. The Obidiot NeoZikist movement will lead to the second civil war in Nigeria because it is breeding Ethnofascists who believe they can appropriate indigenous lands to their space via one Nigeria. I am not surprised though because the ranks of the Obidiots mobs is populated by IPOB members who want to use labour party as a weapon of war against Yorubas.

Yoruba Ronu, has been there undoing because it stopped them in their track of the weaponization of Yoruba hate for political power grab. 
On the mountain, on the ground, under the water and in your dreams, we will continue to "YORUBA RONU". You have lost this war!!!

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