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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Zacheus re-surfaced in Uganda, demands 4,000 Ugandan shillings as toll fee

Love can be defined in various ways. Some people, when asked to explain love, will say it is blind to things like age, wealth, physical appearance, etc., while others will say it is not.

Kate Namanda’s success in establishing a rapport with arguably the world’s ugliest human being stands as a noteworthy example. Never married for love or money, because her husband is unattractive and poor.

Godfrey Baguma is the ugliest man in the world, yet a woman in her view named Sebabi expressed her love for him anyway. Nowadays, it seems like everyone you meet is in a false relationship. Most ladies would prefer to tie the knot with a decent guy, while slay queens care only about the breadth of their man’s wallet.

Even though he’s a shoemaker, he’s always running around from one small job to the next. He will do whatever it takes to make a buck. He entered a contest to demonstrate how horrible making money is. He was named the world’s ugliest man and he accepted the title with grace and dignity. Since he was able to provide for his financially struggling family, he cared little for what others thought of him.

This individual suffers from fibryodysplasia, a rare genetic condition. Having this illness causes your head and face to swell to abnormal proportions. Many people criticize him because of his appearance, but he doesn’t mind. He needs the money badly to help out his loved ones. Initially married, his wife abandoned him and their two young children.

When Kate developed affections for Godfrey, she hid away with him for nearly four years. She claims her relatives went to great lengths to find her until they finally gave up and realized she was with her lover the whole time.

If they had known she planned to marry Godfrey, she says, they never would have given their blessing. Therefore, she conceived a child while away from home with her beloved. They told her family shortly after she gave birth, and they were so shocked that they disowned her and her husband.

He married Kate Namanda, a beautiful young woman of thirty, when he was 47 years old. It’s only natural for them to worry about their marriage and the problems it’s facing. They (her family and others) criticize her constantly.

After seven years of marriage, the duos are still married, and Godfrey produces money from several things he may do to support his family. He sings and receives public appearances money. People pay to see the world’s ugliest man and play comedy as well.

The couple got married in 2013 and now they have six kids. A number of people attended their marriage, so Godfrey took the chance again to earn some money. For everybody who wished to enter the room, he requested 4,000 Ugandan shillings.

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