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Monday, April 11, 2022

Meet Yemi Elemu,the latest palmwine seller



Meet Adeyemi Solomon Omotunla, a native of Ikogosi town in Ekiti state, a graduate of Obafem Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Adeyemi who is also known as Yemi Elemu,shares his experience with GlobalQuest Magazine on why, he derives pleasure in selling palm wine. 

My background
I am from Ikogosi Ekiti, second in the family of four and the only male child, people call me Yemi Elemu because i sell palm wine
 Why I chose to sell Palm wine 

I have lived among cities and states with strong culture and background beliefs, especially ile Ife. I noticed whenever we  have gathering of people both old and young, they serves palm wine and local gins and people enjoy themselves while they play local games. 

I decided to add a little glamour to it in  other to make a difference so i introduced some vibes to event and social gathering like wedding, chieftaincy installation, culture festival and many more.


Tell us about that new skill 

I added a lot of skills but the most captivating that got people's attention which also skyrocket my brand is the smoke ice on Palm wine , this is no way dangerous to health when properly used 
 I also serve local meal to go along with Palm wine which always make my name to register in the minds of the people.
How i see palm wine in the nearest future

I see that palm wine has being proudly sold like some other regular alcoholic drinks, palm wine is natural and healthy, so we should encourage people to go for it. 

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