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Sunday, April 24, 2022

How Ogun, the 'god of iron' was celebrated in Brazil


By Adeyinka Olaiya-Brazil

High Chiefs in Brazil , Bàbálórìsàs and Iyalorisas , this months , gathered in one of the country’s most concentrated Ogun shrine In São Bernardo, Saopaulo to worship and appraise the Yoruba god of Iron, Orisa Ogun as a gratification , and after period of deaths caused by the pandemic all around the planet.

In grand style , traditionalists of high reputes displayed commitments , they dance, worship with songs delivered in Yoruba language , they invoked the forces of the Yoruba god of Iron to celebrate togetherness after the hectic period of COVID-19 attacks in the country.

The festival which started around late 7p hours on Saturday, 2nd April linger on till the early hours of April 3 , 2022. With inflow of important traditional Isese Chiefs from Brazil and around the world , they all danced and appraised the spirit of togetherness bestowed upon them by the Yoruba god of Iron

“Ogunjobi represents the spirit of oneness , the same bone of Orisa Ogun from the creation binds humans together as one , that’s why we have Ogunjobi in Yoruba land “- Ogboni Lord , Adekunle Aderonmu said at the worship.

The Yoruba traditionalist who also graced the festival recites important verses in the ifa literary corpus to back his affirmation, he spoke of the dieties 'Irunmoles' and the Oke Itase episode from Ode Orun, and how Ogun donated bones during creation. Oba Aderonmu exalted the importance of Ogun and why the deity must be appeased often .

The festival also counted with exceptional renderings from the organizer and spiritual leader of the shrine, Bàbálórìsà Airton TY Ogun and others; Odu Ije Gustavo TY Ode , Odu Ije Ekedji , Gabriella TY Ode. It was a festival of importance in the interior of Saopaulo, Brazil , a total celebration of oneness.

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