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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Arewa Ayangbayi talks about her adventure as a drummer girl

By Balogun Ajoke
Onetufo julianah also known as Arewa Ayangbayi  as her name implies is a beautiful drum goddess who is very good with many musical instruments, shared her experience on drum field with our reporter, Balogun Ajoke.

Tell us about your brand
 My brand is Apala

How did you start?
I love music from my childhood infact I started playing drum sets since my teen age, i can play drum set, acuba, agogo, sekere and many more, so i can boldly say i started at early age.
I love to explore for more knowledge in my chosen career, so i learned how to play talking drum which is apala

Have you ever regret your choice of career?

I have no regret at all, though, it is not an easy task. i have recorded so many challenges but i still thank God for taking control. I have decided not to be  discouraged by any challenge whatsoever because i believe it is what God has destined me to do, so i am  not looking back.

Apart from drumming,what else do you do?
Aside from being a drummer girl, i am also a makeup artiste, i take care of people's face and outfits to make them look nice for their occasions 

How do you manage marriage and job?

It takes an understanding spouse to stand by you irrespective of the nture of your job, i will say i am lucky
Your adventure as a female drummer

 I have performed in different occasions all through the Western States and some parts in Nigeria and hoping to cross the border of Nigeria one day by God's grace.

Your advice to the upcoming drummers
My advice is very simple, they should remain focus because there are some challenges that may likely push them out of the field but with self determination,they shall scale through and also tell success story.

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