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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Four teenage girls caught with human heads in Lagos

 by Seun Gold

A group of four teenage girls who are said to be students of a secondary school in Lagos have been reportedly caught with human parts concealed inside their school bags.

According to reports, the young girls were discovered after a taxi driver sensed danger when he perceived a foul smell and raised  alarm.

The driver is said to have handed the girls to the gateman of the school and when their school bags were checked, human heads were found inside.

Law enforcement officers reportedly swung into action and the girls were arrested.

The incident is coming at a time when the prevalence of ritual killing among youths is in the limelight.

Only a few weeks back, there was a national uproar when four teenagers in Ogun State were caught in the act performing money ritual after they had beheaded the girlfriend of one of the members of the gang.

The young boys when apprehended while burning the victim's head inside an earthen pot claimed they had gotten the procedures for the ritual via a Facebook plartform.

Similarly, two minors, both aged 15 were caught in the act trying to use a 14-year-old girl for rituals in Bayelsa.

What is leading these teenagers into such act is becoming alarming so parents and guardians should be vigilant and take good care of their wards.

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