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Friday, May 17, 2024

NNPP Chieftain, Ambassador Oguntoyinbo Expresses Displeasure Over Proposed N48,000

Chieftain of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, has expressed displeasure over the proposed N48,000 minimum wage by the Federal government, urging it to consider the current inflationary trend in the country in fixing the minimum wage for the workers.

Ambassador Oguntoyinbo said the N48,000 proposed by the Federal Government as minimum wage is unrealistic considering the current prices of foods and other commodities in the country.

It could be recalled that the Labour walked out of the minimum wage negotiation meeting on Wednesday when the government proposed N48,000 monthly minimum wage and the Organized Private Sector proposed N54,000 monthly minimum wage.

Ambassador Oguntoyinbo had earlier proposed a minimum wage of N200,000.

Ajadi in an interview on Thursday, said he followed with keen interest the meeting on negotiation of new minimum wages between the government and the Organized Labour and insists the government did not consider the current reality in arriving at N48,000

According to him, “The proposed N48,000 minimum wage is unrealistic in the present day Nigeria where Petrol is sold above N700 per litre in most filling stations. It is only the NNPC Filling stations that sell at N580 per litre.

“When we look at the prices of commodities in the market especially foodstuffs, it will be unrealistic for an average worker to eat not to talk of sending their children to school with N48,000 monthly.

“I agree that there are so many dead woods in the civil service, people who come to work but are doing nothing. May be the government should consider the idea of paying workers per working hours, so that those who are working genuinely will be adequately rewarded.

“I plead with the Federal Government to consider the survival of Nigerian workers and jack up the wage. Even states like Edo on its own has increased the minimum wage to N70,000.

“I agree with the decision of the Labour to reject the N48,000 but rather than walking out of the negotiation meeting, the Labour can reject the government proposal but should continue the negotiation.

“If Labour agrees on anything less than N200,000, then they are unrealistic too. I want them to state and explain to the government delegation why no worker can survive on N48,000 minimum wage,” Ajadi said.

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