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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Herbal medicine practitioner’s leadership call for unity

National Association of Herbal Medicine Employers President Chief Yemi Areola has urged herbal medicine practitioners to align with the registered association as it remains the only certified body that can give them shield and also attract them to the government.

Speaking in a seminar at the association secretariat in Lagos, Areola said the Corporate Affairs Commission certificate, though effective and a necessity for business registration but the umbrella association is like a shielding weapon to its members. ‘We offer registered herbal medicine practitioners membership as a way for them to demonstrate core knowledge and experience in herbal medicine practice that establishes a meaningful competency standard for themselves, their communities, and other health professionals and institutions.We recognize that there are many skilled herbal medicine practitioners worldwide, and choosing to become registered with the National Association of Herbal Medicine Employers is the only way.’

Areola, while highlighting the importance of NAHME membership, said, aside from attracting more benefits, the national association stands as the mouthpiece of members to the government both at State and Federal level since it is the only authorized and recognized body by the Nigeria Labour Congress and Ministry Labour And Productivity.

Explaining further,he said all practitioners of traditional medicine stay together as a united family to achieve same goal ‘’ If we unite as one family, it will be easy for us to speak with one voice because there is no achievement in disunity.’’ The body as he said has access to seek for government assistance for members and intending members.

The national body has set aside many activities offering membership to herbal medicine practitioners to demonstrate a core level of knowledge and experience in herbal practices. ‘ Our membership is also extended to dedicated professionals in the medicinal plants field, including those involved in herb cultivation, herbal product manufacturing, teaching, research, and client consultation. This category underscores our commitment to utilizing medicinal plants in various ways and aims to enhance recognition and visibility for this fulfilling career path. The Associate membership was created in part as a response to medical professionals who engage herbal medicine as an allied field.

"It is in light of this that I am requesting the cooperation of all to be part of this association (National Association of Herbal Medicine Employers) in order to move the practice of herbal medicine to the next level.

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