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Monday, May 8, 2023

Beef up security for Tinubu ahead May 29,Adesope hints federal government

The Oodua People’s Congress Reformed National President, Ambassador Dare Adesope has called for the need to beef up security for the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, ahead of the inauguration owing to threats from those that lost in the presidential race.

According to Adesope, the security agencies should make it a necessity to be at alert and also cautioned some groups to mind the kind of news they roll out to the public. ‘’Noting can draw us backward, the election has come and gone and a winner have emerged, we should all focus on moving the country forward rather than trying to cut it into pieces.’’

“We all thought there would be blood shed during the election but all went well and we had never anticipated the calmness. It has never been this calm, it is even an insult for some group of people to be issuing filthy statements against a president-elect after he has been declared winner of the presidential election. Those threats are too sensitive to be ignored.

Adesope had earlier condemned how some group of people are calling for interim government, he warned the aggrieved parties to desist from heating the polity and believe in the rule of law while awaiting the outcome of litigation before the court of law.

This call came as a result of how some people are registering their grievances over the result of the just concluded presidential election, he said in as much as the aggrieved parties have the right to contend the result of the election in the law court and their petition is still awaiting trial but to suggest an interim government is undemocratic, unconstitutional, and unknown to Nigerian laws.

However, he said the Department of State Security Service (DSS), should start nosing to get everyone planning against May 29 to put them to book. In his words ‘I have always advised Nigeria youth not to submit themselves as tools of anarchy, since the judiciary is the only institution empowered by law to adjudicate over post-election matters, all the citizens should focus on the task ahead as they leave the judiciary to do its job.

Democracy is running smoothly in Nigeria so nobody should act as an agent to truncate it, some people still believe election is a do or die affair, a typical example is a case of a self-acclaimed Eze Ndigbo who threatened to bring terrorists group to Lagos because his candidate lost out in the gubernatorial election. I call on government security agencies to be at alert and the security in the defence house in Abuja should be beefed up, Tinubu is now Nigeria property we should all guide him with jealousy.

Conclusively, he said his group is ready to work with government security agencies and anyone or group who try to truncate our democracy would be brought to book as we are ready to move Nigeria forward.

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