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Monday, April 24, 2023

Arinta Waterfall in Ekiti State To Receive Large Tourists Visit at this Year’s World Ifa/Orisa Festival & Pilgrimage -ICIR

International Council for Ifa Religion (ICIR) has released the itinerary for the 2023 edition of the annual World Ifa/Orisa Festival and Pilgrimage, tagged Oke-Igeti Festival 2023.

Oluwo Solagbade Popoola
Speaking in Ado-Ekiti on Wednesday, the President of the Council, Oluwo Dr. Solagbade Popoola disclosed that the 2023 edition of the Festival would be holding between the 20th and 28th of May, this year.

Oluwo Popoola also disclosed that adherents and tourists from 16 nations in the world have indicated interest in coming to Ekiti State. Some of those who have shown their interest, according to him, would be coming on a confirmation visit to authenticate the veracity of the viral claims that Ekiti land was truly the earthly home of scores of globally revered deities. Such deities include Ogun, Osun, Esu, Orunmila etc. This set of people would be coming to see the relics and apparatus of the deities in their various abodes in the State which testify to their mythological existence. Some would be coming for tourism while a whole of lot of people both from within and outside Nigeria would be coming on pilgrimage.

ICIR President, Dr. Popoola, while unveiling the itinerary of the festival hinted that Ekiti State, aside from being the ancestral home of many ancient deities of the Yorubas, is a land blessed with awesome springs and rivers that have traditional healing powers. He said aside from the Osun River Source and the Osanyin healing pool in Isaba-Ekiti, another site of a natural wonder that would be visited includes the Arinta Waterfall at Ipole-Iloro.

He explained that ICIR would be leading thousands of religious tourists to Arinta for a special spiritual meditation and that the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism would be officially informed so that necessary preparations towards receiving the contingents could be made.

The itinerary of the Festival and Pilgrimage indicates that all delegates would arrive Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State Capital on Saturday 20th of May, 2023. On Sunday 21st May, 2023 the pilgrimage would start at the shrine of Esu Laaroye at Ijelu in the morning. By evening of same day, Ogun Lakaaye Grove at Ire-Ekiti would be the next site to be visited.

On Monday 22nd May, the site of the hydra-headed palm-tree at Ilogbo would be visited first and later, the Pooroye Grove at the palace of Olojudo, in Ido-Ekiti.

Tuesday 23rd May, 2023 Isaba would be the first site to be visited followed by the visit to Olomo grove at Ijan-Ekiti.

Wednesday 24th, is the day set aside for the visit to Erinjiyan. The tourists would pay homage to Olohan of Erinjiyan and pray at the base of Omi-Erin before going to Arinta Water Fall for spiritual meditation and prayer.

On Thursday 25th May,2023, all participants are expected to converge at the Hall at the Ewi’s palace where a Cultural Symposium is expected to hold. The theme of the Symposium is. ” Ká Má Baà Gbàgbé” (So that We May Not Forget). Eminent personalities as well as all Royal Fathers, Oloris,Chiefs and Community leaders in Ekiti State are expected to be present at the symposium. The Keynote addresses are expected to also be delivered by distinguished scholars. It would start at 10 in the morning till 2pm when all participants would converge at Oke-Igeti for Ifá divination, sacrifices and prayers.

On Friday 26th, Igede-Ekiti would be the host community for the tourist contingents and pilgrims. Programme would commence from the palace of Onigede and cascade, as usual, to the source of Osun River, along Awo-Ekiti road.

Saturday 27th is the day for “Igbohun Ifá” (Hearing of the Message of Ifá to the World). It would start from Oke-igeti with the initiates while open delivery of the message would be done at Olota Mountain where there is expected to be a night vigil and celebration till the break of day.

On Sunday, the top leaders of ICIR would take the message of the divinity to the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti specially to mark the end of the festival.

Chief Ifaniyi Awoyemi
Speaking on the expectations of ICIR from Ekiti State Government, a top member of the Council, Chief Ifaniyi Awoyemi said the organization looked forward to a stronger commitment. He said Ekiti State Government, through the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism, promised to assist in grading the Oke-Olota to facilitate the use of the site this year. He therefore charged the host chapter of ICIR to quickly do a reminder to the Ministry so that the site could be graded ahead of 20th of May when the festival would be starting.

While reiterating the need for the release of the portion of Ekiti Government House that was the seat of Orunmila, for the optimal tourism and spiritual benefit to the State, Chief Awoniyi however congratulated the people of Ekiti for having a new Governor who is showing great commitment to human and societal development. He said he had no doubt that Culture and Tourism would enjoy needed attention under his administration having made it an agenda in the developmental plan of his administration. THE END

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