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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Perfect every loose ends,OPC boss Dare Adesope advises Sanwo-Olu

By Ayinke Adebayo

Going by the result of the presidential poll in the last presidential election where the youth established their presence with the number of their votes, Oodua people's Congress Reformed President, Dare Adesope has drawn the attention of APC chieftain across the Nation to recall the youth wing of the party to sheath swords.

According to him, APC narrowly lost Lagos State to another party owing to neglegence behaviour of the party leaders. ' The youth really speak up with their votes which means they have formed a formidable force to establish their presence'  

Speaking further, he said this may not have happen if the leaders of the ruling party actually carry the youth along and also allow them to enjoy some deserved benefits 'I have done my own opinion poll, i was able to gather some useful information, the youth are really bittered and angry, that is why they unleashed their anger towards the glutton minded politicians who think of themselves alone.'

Lagos is a cosmopolitan state which has a large population of Igbos but the Igbo can't outnumber the yoruba living in Lagos, so for Labour party to win in the Lagos presidential election means that a large percentage of yoruba,predominantly the youth voted for LP.

Another factor is the religion bigotry, some pastors feel cheated with Tinubu ticket, They feel his runner up ought to be a Christian but forgetting that he would not be able to pull much vote in  the  north where the dominant religion is Islam if he chose a christian Vice-President.

Secondly, some pastors are fighting personal battle, imagine a pastor who was not paying money for packing space on his  private jets but was only resenting the government that forced him to pay, tell me how foolish you will look at the end of the day if you found out that your pastor only used you for his selfish interest.

The OPC boss said Lagos was Nigeria's former capital, most populous city and commercial nerve centre where people from all part of the globe choose for excellence performance.

The Southwest governors up till now still neglect pan-Yoruba activists groups. 'I have been clamoring for security and even offered my group members to help in assisting the States government to tackle insecurity because i can boast of enough members who can perfectly handle the security of the entire South West.

Adesope, said the government of Lagos State, led by Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu of the All Progressives Congress, whose party is also the ruling party at the federal level should work more on the angry youth now that it has been established that the party  leaders in each local government are the problem, they did not represent the party well.

conclusively, the government need to comb the grass root via the Chief heads of each community, the Baales are more closer to their people, do not make mistake of sending the kings to the baales to avoid the story of a big stone that fell on the head of a lizard, the lizard will Just nod its head but won't be happy and since no one can interpret silence you never can't tell what can happen. The simple truth is, Kings and Baales have different responsibilities,as a matter of fact the baales do more of the job, so to avoid conflicts of interest, approach them separately. Do not leave any stone unturned,meet the community leaders to restructure a new political Lagos and we shall all rejoice in the end.

Let us defend Lagos
Let us defend our heritage
Itesiwaju Eko
Ajumose ni

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