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Saturday, January 7, 2023

I will kill him a thousand times- Afeez, Who Murdered His Father Drops Unremorseful Statement

Afeez Yusuff, 28 year old, who left Ayobo residents in shock when he murdered his own father two days after Christmas now added a rude shock saying it has been his life-long ambition to do that. Contrary to the viral story that Afeez killed his father because the deceased refused to give him the sum of N1.5million from his pension and gratuity, the boy said he did it intentionally   
Lieutenant Commander Adeiza Hassan Yusuff, rtd, 52, was murdered by his son in the early night of December 20, 2022.
Yusuff, the retired officer, had only two children – Afeez and his younger sister, a Youth Corper serving in Lagos. Afeez was his only son, who turned rogue. He is wayward, and lives a rough life soaked in hard drugs.
But his father had hope as he never gave up on him. He showered Afeez with love. And even started a couple of businesses for him.
His wife, Afeez’s mother, had died early in life, and his father became a single parent, taking care of two children. Three years down the line, he remarried to  a lady who never had a child in life,  but whole-heartedly took Afeez and his sister as her own children.
Inspite of Afeez’s rough life, it was a closely-knit family or so they thought. Even when Afeez had a baby by one of his type, the family accepted mother and child. They lived together in their home at Ayobo, Lagos.
In the night of 20th December, the night Afeez killed his father, he had it all methodically planned.
His step mother was away to Dubai. And Afeez sent his wife and baby out on an errand. 
Then, Afeez suddenly put on the generator, even though public power supply was on.  Then, he locked all doors. Not suspecting anything, his  father came out to ask what happened.  Afeez, then, switched off all lights.

As his father approached in the dark to inquire what the problem was, Afeez hit him on the head with a pestle. His father fell down, screamed, but was still conscious of his environment. Then Afeez brought out a matchet and went to work on his screaming father, butchering him as his father, in pain, ran around in the house, begging him to stop.
Neighbors who heard the chilly screams ran out to help. They pleaded, but Afeez refused to open the doors. He calmly told them, as they listened to the heart-rending screams as he butchered his father, that he would open the doors when he was through.
Indeed, he did, and was about to jump the fence to escape, when the neighbors, in a display of courage, grabbed him and called the Police.
In fact, courtesy of his murdered father,, Afeez was set to travel to the United Kingdom to see if he would change, and make a success of his life.
Asked by the Police if he was aware of his proposed trip to the UK in January, 2023, he answered in the affirmative.

Why did he kill his father then? Did his father hurt him in anyway? Afeez, face expressionless, unremorseful, told family, friends, neighbors and the Police that nothing, even the trip to the UK, could have stopped him from killing father. He told them it has been his life-long ambition to murder his father.

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