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Saturday, December 31, 2022

2023: Prophet Sam Adebayo drops prediction

Prophesies For 2023:

1. The Lord said, Nigerians are like backsliding sheep. They have to return to God wholeheartedly if they want to enjoy the best of God.

2. There will be surplus in the midst of scarcity for those who willing and obedience.

3. Some top politicians who are holding this nation backwards shall expose and openly disgraced.

4. Thus says the LORD, some decision makers want to imposed their agenda on Nigerians but the Lord will put them to shame.

5. The next president of Nigeria will be opposite of what majority expect...

6. The Lord said, constant prayer should be raised unto God to frustrate the agenda of hijacking this nation by few power blocks.

7. A lot of secrets that was covered shall be exposed, says the LORD of host.

Prophet Dr Sam Adebayo

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