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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

WORLD LEADERS TO LULA: We are sure you will lead Brazil to the right path

By Laide Gold
A former president and prisoner, Liuz Lula Da Silva on Sunday defeated incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro to become the president-elect of Brazil.

Mr Lula, a former president and prisoner, according to the country’s electoral authority, received 50.8 per cent of the votes while Mr Bolsonaro received 49.2 per cent.

After three failed attempts, Mr Lula was first elected president in 2002. He was reelected in 2006. After his time as president, he got entangled in a corruption scandal which saw him jailed for 18 months and released in 2019 on technical grounds.

This is the first time since Brazil returned to democratic rule that an incumbent is losing an election. About two million votes gave Mr Lula victory in the tightly contested election.

“Today, the only winner is the Brazilian people,” Al Jazeera quoted Mr Lula as telling the crowds gathered at a Sao Paulo hotel.

“This isn’t a victory of mine or the Workers’ Party, nor the parties that supported me in the campaign. It’s the victory of a democratic movement that formed above political parties, personal interests and ideologies so that democracy came out victorious,” he said.

Mr Bolsonaro has yet to concede defeat as is tradition with Brazil elections. He is, however, expected to contest the results following after he earlier questioned the reliability of the electronic voting machine.

The incumbent served as an army captain during the military dictatorship of 1964 to 1985.

Local media are reporting Brazilians’ excitement at the emergence of M Lula.

Mr Lula will be inaugurated on 1 January 2023 to lead Latin America’s biggest economy.

See how world leaders congratulate Lula, Brazil’s president-elect after his victory was announced.

Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernandez, in a tweet wrote “Congratulations @LulaOficial! Your victory opens a new era for the history of Latin America. A time of hope that begins today. Here you have a partner with whom you can work to create a better life for all our peoples.”

“Lula. Joy!”, Chile President Gabriel Boric tweeted in Spanish.

President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador congratulated Mr Lula saying, “in democracy, we will continue to strengthen friendship and cooperation between our countries to ensure better days for our citizens.”

Bolivian President Luis Catacora in his congratulatory message said Mr Lula’s victory strengthens democracy and Latin American integration.

“We are sure you will lead the Brazilian people along the path of peace, progress and social justice,” he said.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro wrote, “we celebrate the victory of the Brazilian people, who on 30Oct elected @LulaOficial as their new President. Long live the peoples determined to be free, sovereign and independent! Today in Brazil democracy triumphed. Congratulations Luna! A big hug!”

“I send my congratulations to Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on his election to be the next president of Brazil following free, fair, and credible elections. I look forward to working together to continue the cooperation between our two countries in the months and years ahead,” US President Joe Biden tweeted.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote, “The people of Brazil have spoken. I’m looking forward to working with @LulaOficial to strengthen the partnership between our countries, to deliver results for Canadians and Brazilians, and to advance shared priorities — like protecting the environment. Congratulations, Lula!”

President Emmanuel Macron of France wrote, “Congratulations @LulaOficial, on your election which opens a new page in the history of Brazil. Together we will join forces to address the many common challenges [we face] and renew the bond of friendship between our two countries.”

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa wrote, “I look forward to working together in the coming years with great enthusiasm, in favour of Portugal and Brazil but also around significant global issues.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wrote, “Congratulations @LulaOficial for your victory in elections in which Brazil has decided to back progress and hope. Let’s work together for social justice, equality and to tackle climate change.”

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Fontelles wrote, “Brazilian citizens went to the polls to elect their new president in a peaceful and well-organised election. Parabens @LulaOficial on your election!

He added that he looked forward to working together and advancing EU-Brazil relations.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wrote, “Huge congratulations to @LulaOficial on a tremendous victory in the Brazilian elections. Look forward to working with you on protecting our global environment.”

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