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Friday, November 18, 2022

Orisa makes me proud: Brazil First Lady,Janja Reveals

Rosangela Lula da Silva , the wife of president-elect , Luiz Inácio lula da Silva, also Known as Janja . recently declare this on Fantástico , a program on TV Globo , where she speaks of the religious intolerance in Brazil , she condemned every  social , racial and religious intolerance in the Brazilian society
During the conversation with the Globo TV presenters , Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta , Janja commented on having been immensely  associated with Orisa religion in Brazil

Janja said : “ Being attacked because of Orisa religion doesn’t diminish me . On the contrary , it fortifies me . I will say categorically that my link to an African-based religion makes me proud . Perhaps this represents a little of what Brazilian men and women are . I am person who gets emotional at mass with priest’s speech , and I also get emotional with Orisa drums . I have my Orisas always around me “ Janja Lula da Silva affirmed 

The First Lady described the religion as a way of peace “ Its a religion of peace . I will not delete my photos on Instagram with the Images of Orisa as many suggested . I am proud of them “ She said .

Afro-Brazilian worshippers of Orisa religion are proud of it , they cherish these gods and have been doing so for over 500 years. . Orisa worshipers in Brazil are not just blacks or devotees of African origin but Brazilians of all colors and race .

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