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Monday, September 19, 2022

Madam Saje is right, we have known each other more than 50 years-Fala

By, Laide Gold
Going by the controversial statement by that lead to Madam Saje and Fali werepe to be at loggerheads, Fala has cleared the air by establishing that Madam Saje statement is a verifiable fact.
He said this in an interview to shed more light on what the screen friendly actress said at veteran actor, Yinka Quadri's birthday bash which was quedtion by a female colleague.
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 Sir some people are confused about years you have spent in movie Industry. Pls can you tell us that 

I started acting at the tender age, that was as far back as the early 70s in Lagos Island and if my calculations is going on that should be over 49 years now 

There's this on going issue circulating on social media concerning did of your colleagues in the industry. Can you pls enlighten us more on this 

Concerning that issue I think I have answered that question. I  Monsuru Obadina aka Fala,  Rafiu Balogun, late Suraju aka Su- boy, Tayelolu Akanji aka Agbodorogun, Yinka Quadry aka Masomo, Fatai Adekannbi, Biodun Majekodunmi aka baba  aladalu, late Babatunde Omidina aka baba Suwe those are the people that were all contemporaries we have known ourselves for close to fifty  years. Those alive can testify what am saying is not over statement.  we met  as early as 70s, we grew up as a family and as friends. Balogun knows my family and I also know his family and we have met now very long time ago . Even before I had my son and my son now is over 40 years so we both know ourselves then and we know the group that are threading in Lagos then, you can say that people that are threading then ,you can talk of Ojo Ladipo, you talk about our senior Osumare, you talk about people like Lookman Alade the columnist of 'Oro Agba' in Atoka Yoruba magazine while Rafiu Balogun can be remembered for his Atoka exploit "Afonja" and we all know who Rafiu Balogun is, he is the husband of Afusat  Balogun aka Madam Saje

So if I tell you we know ourselves for  over fifty years I am not exaggerating judging by the years we have been together. 
And  Saje has actually once asked me : are we so close to that extent. She was asking me have we known ourselves up to that years and I told her yes that we have known ourselves for close to fifty years. So I don't think there issue on that at all

 *Tell us more about your support you Actors are given Bola Tinubu as presidential candidate* 

We are supporting Tinubu presidential ambition yes . We are supporting him because we sat down and we thought deeply and we arrived at the conclusion that Tinubu is the man that can lead the country .  Yoruba has not been able to rule the country the few ones that rules the country like Obasanjo was invited to contest by the cabal also Shonekan was invited by the same cabal  to come and rule. So,no candidate of Yoruba  has ever  rule. Awolowo has the perogative  and blue print to rule the country they did not allow him. Shonekan did not have the blue print to rule the country but he ruled the country while Abiola that had the blue print was not allowed to rule the country. So the right person now who knows the problem of Nigeria is Bola Tinubu and we are solidly behind him we will give him support. We are scrip writers and we are film makers, we look beyond present we look ahead to the future . We think beyond our level , we pass messages to society. I can tell you for free that we have our reasons for backing him up . I think it is high time now to allow Yoruba man to lead for the first time.

Some even say you sings like Late Herbert Ogunde and trained under him. How true is this sir 

Taking about singing like late Herbert Ogunde yes I sing like him. I have love his music right from when I was small it is not as if I trained under him . No, I only listen to his music as I was growing up. I studied his music performances and so I do something like him in a theatre world. I remember then that whenever they are playing Ogunde song I will quietly listen to the music not even minding if I was sent an errand. So I sing like Ogunde that's why I sing like him and he is my mentor.

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