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Monday, August 29, 2022

Brazil Embassy set straight record with culture activities

 Laide Gold

The Brazilian embassy in Lagos sets a straight record on Sunday, 21 August at  auditorium of Alliance Francaise showing  three movies titled, Last Stop, Jetula and Obatala.

The film show which took place at Mike Adenuga Center, 9 Osborne Road, Ikoyi is as a part of ongoing series of cultural activities lined up for the commemorations of the bicentennial independence of Brazil which is on the 7th of September 2022 .  
The first movie, Last Stop is centered on unveiling the problem of the Lebanese immigrants who migrated from Lebanon to Brazil six decades ago.  The movie speaks of their success and establishment.

Though a large number of the Lebanese are enjoying their stay in Brazil but still hold strong to their culture and tradition while some however practice the religion and follow the doctrine of their host. 
Jetula tells the story of a Brazilian former president in the fifty’s, who took his own life because he doesn’t want to be overthrown. Though,he tried his best despite facing challenges, but his best was not good enough.  

Obatala, the last movie speaks of how those that were took into slavery were able to discover their origin, culture and tradition. It further tell how they hold strong to Yoruba language, culture genres,and eulogizing their ancestors.

The movie stands as symbol of how  oduduwa descendants retraces their root, culture and tradition.

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