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Friday, July 8, 2022

Women Protest Against Kidnappers Herdsmen in Ekiti

Christiana Gold

Women in Irele and Ijowa Ekiti in Ekiti State on Wednesday steps out in hundreds to protest against the kidnapping activities within their communities which they claimed were often carried out by fulani herdsmen.
According to them, four people were kidnapped between Oke-Ako, Irele and Ijowa Ekiti by the bandits and the communities were forced to raise the sum of #800,000 to pay ransom which led to their release after they have been tortured. 
Soldiers who visited the community insisted they should hand over victims after their release. The communities insisted the victims had been beaten mercilessly and should be allowed to go to the hospital. The soldiers said no but insisted on taking custody of the kidnapped victims. The communities resisted. The soldiers released bullets though, no one was hurt but the women fall all out to register their grieviances

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