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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

ADOGUNMODO: The Great Deity of Korowa Communities

By Ayinke Adebayo

In the ancient time, there lived Obiriso,a giant humane (one of orisas under Obatala). History recorded it that,when Okikon and Asin left Ile Ife,they took Obiriso with them, Obiriso can change to different form, they chose him as their guardian.
Obiriso asked them to settle down in Korowa,Oke Oka, Oka Akoko all now in the Ondo state of today.
Okikon and Asin turns Obiriso to their deity and worships him which they pass to their children from one generation to the other untill it became an ancestral deity.

According to the history,there was a time Obiriso was neglected after the demise of its accolades and that was when Oka  communities suffered most because they were invaded by intruders from Tapa.
When Tapa warriors invation persists, Oka people remembered Obiriso,they seek for forgiveness, they begged him with a big cow to save them from the Ibana(Tapa) warriors.

They were overwhelmed by the victory registered during the great clash with the Ibana and promise not to neglect Obiriso again,they add Adogunmodo to his name,meaning "The one that covered Tapa's trouble under mortal" Obiriso obviously saved the people of Oka Akoko from Tapa,their tormentors from the northern part of Nigeria.
Obiriso also known as Imole Orisa is being worship till date in Korowa communities whose celebration comes up once in a year.

Annually, every indigenes of Oka and lovers of culture come from near and far to offer prayers, and table their problem before Adogunmodo for lasting solution.
It is the duty and responsibility of the Chief priest to appease Adogunmodo deity every five days which fall on  market day in Oka Akoko. The items use to appease Adogunmodo includes, Kola nuts,Schnapps,where he can perform the rite wherever he is.
Every icon attributed to Adogunmodo is white,the Chief Priest must dress in white clothing and beads, every item starting from food and drinkables must be white.
The major food is pounded yam with season free soup 'ATE', white kolanuts, sheep or white chicken to mention but few.
Adogunmodo festival this year celebration came up between 13th to 14th of May which was well attended by lovers of culture, dignitaries from home and abroad,all sons and daughters of Korowo kingdom.
An event packed with different culture activities which can not be easily erased from peoples' mind..

Conclusively, The Chief Priest, Oba  (Isoro)Olufemi Oludayo Akowe,The Aworo Adogunmodo,Korowa Oka who is also Oba Alamo Obatala of Ile Ife blessed everyone that witnessed the event where he assured them of Adogunmodun protection all through this year and many more to come

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