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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

YLM Leader,Bisi Ogunrinde, tasked Yoruba descendants to team together for a common goal

By Globalquest

President of Yoruba Liberation Movement, a socio-Political group, Bisi Ogunrinde also known as Bisi Omo-Olubadan, giving overview of the incoming general election has tasked every Yoruba indigene on the need for political decorum and unity opurpose, as they look forward to selecting Yoruba Presidential choice for 2023 Political Race:


According to him, It is often said that, "A thinking Society is a moving Society, especially when the thoughts are backed up by profound actions towards achieving ONE COMMON AGENDA’’.


He stressed further that, Yoruba Liberation Movement in its quest towards charting a greater part for YORUBALAND to strive in the midst of Nigeria political game, have realized that without having unity of purpose within national political party in YORUBALAND which of course is the APC-Yoruba political wing, the entire YORUBALAND may lose out of Nigeria political race, owing to lack of decorum within the party as regards candidacy of those who are qualified for the race.


‘’Imperatively, we want to reiterate that, the price of Individual decorum by all Yoruba citizens who are aspiring to get the seat of Nigeria president is needed, and swallowing our Individual Prides where necessary are also crucial in order to achieve our set target of getting to the topmost seat of Nigeria come 2023, solely for the collective and greater good of our motherland and citizens in its entirety’’ He affirmed.


As a nation, it is not enough to be living for nothing in the Nigeria political settings. Hence, the very need for our homeland to understand what unity of purpose is at this crucial time.


We do hope and believe that YORUBALAND will get it right in 2023 after having failed in our several attempts earlier. That is, 1979, 1983, 1993 as a result of divisive Political game due to lack of political decorum, against our collective good in YORUBALAND.


As a movement, we look forward to witnessing new political history of decorum with unity of purpose in the upcoming political events.


~Bisi Omo Olubadan

President of YLM

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