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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

What you have never been told about Ibogun Olaogun *Why fishing in River Ogbe is forbiden * Inside details of OBJ connection

A brief history of Ibogun Olaogun as told  by Chief Adetunji Sowole,Seriki of Ibogun Olaogun Land.
Ibogun Olaogun town was formed in 1884 by a group of hunters led by Chief Olaogun,some of those that journeyed with him then were, chief Ogunjuwon, chief Ogunremi,Odetomi to mention few. They all decided to hunt deep into the forest and started their hunt adventure from Orile Owu to Abeokuta,they later migrated to Afowowa near Itori to where we are today ' Ibogun Olaogun' where Olaogun and his chiefs killed an elephant,each time they kill an animal of great value,they will appease Ogun,the god of iron as a vote of thanks for granting them success in their hunt adventure.

How Ibogun derive it's name
The meaning of Ibogun can simply be explain that it is a place where Ogun,the god of iron is been worship Ibi-Ogun just like church as a place of worship to christians.

Our Heritage

We have a river call 'Ogbe River' a place where the town get water to drink. Ogbe river is not big but it has a peculiar character that makes it unique. It is calm and does not take water from any other source. Fishing in Ogbe river is forbidden,its a taboo to kill fish in the river. It keep flowing irrespective of season. Our forefathers consult ifa as regards fishing in Ogbe river ,the river goddess forbids it, since then it is forbidden to Ibogun Olaogun indigenous people even if anyone cooks the fish,they will end up to throw it away because they won't be able to eat it.
Oju ogun Olaogun where our ancestors worship Ogun the god of iron.
We also have a tree that has lived up to hundred years in Ibogun land 
 Ibogun palace is also a center of attraction.


Olaogun and his team were the first to settle in the town and that is why it was named after it's leader. People of Olaogun live in harmony with other ibogun communities and they are friendly,loyal, hardworking and educated.

We do egungun festival,Oro,Obatala, Ogun,Osos.

Other settlers
Some other hunters came to settle down and Olaogun gave them land to settle through his brother Odetomi,he allotted land for hunters that wishes to settle, we have thirty six Ibogun settlement named after each individual hunter of a respective Ibogun community and Ibogun Olaogun is the head being the first to settle there.

Importance of Ibogun Olaogun day

Ibogun Olaogun day is celebrated as a remembrance of our fore fathers settlement. Also as a reminder of peace and love with which our ancestors started their life.
Above all, Ibogun day is an avenue to bring all sons and daughters of Ibogun Olaogun together to discuss her development.

Prominent sons and daughters

We have prominent sons and daughters of Ibogun Olaogun that are doing good in their various choice of jobs.
We have Chief Mathew Okikiola Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR former President, Federal Republic of Nigeria,Oba Sunday Ebenezer Adebayo JP,Olu of Ibogun Olaogun Land,Senetor Dr.Iyabo Obasanjo, Engineer Wole Adebayo,Alhaja Bosede Adelekan to mention few. We also have notable families like, Showole,Olaogun,Adetoyinbo,Oguntade,Adelani,Adebayo,Onatade and so on.

Ibogun Olaogun people are industrious, we have garri and fufu processing factories , Bakery, hostels as commercial centers,Ibogun Olaogun is also land of agriculture.

For record,Ibogun Olaogun is the first to have high school among other Ibogun communities,we have Ibogun Olaogun secondary school. We have primary health center, facilities for security,tarred road and good electricity through the help of our pride, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.
Conclusively,our sons and daughters are not wayward,they represent our town well where ever they find themselves. We are pride of Ibogun Olaogun anywhere.

Traditional ruler: Oba Sunday Ebenezer Adebayo JP Olu of Ibogun Olaogun
Local government Area: Coker Ibogun LCDA under
 Ifo Local Government Ogun state, Nigeria.

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