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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Herbs tea without side effect

By Yinkw Sanusi

If you love to drink tea, see below list of leaves you can convert to tea and you will reap a great deal of benefits from them.

1. MANGO LEAVES: Pluck 3 to 4pcs (leaves) drop them in a cup of hot water or boil for 2 mins and drink. It is an excellent tea as it strengthens the  nervous system, especially those with shaky nervous hands, it stops with time. 

2. GUAVA LEAVES: Wonderfuly,  It is full of power and strength, it supplies real time energy also full of antioxidants. It manages diabetes, lowers cholesterol and fights cancer. It promotes weight loss, heals cold and cough, it reduces acne and improves skin texture.

3. AVOCADO LEAVES: Avocado pear is one of the five healthiest foods on earth, so is the tea brewed from its leaves is a super drink. It lowers cholesterol, it helps to flush out excess fluid that hypes your heart beats better than going in for water pill. It treats cold, flues, stomach aches, arthritis, tooth ache, back pains also works well for diarrhea.

4. MORINGA LEAVES: Pluck the leaves, make green tea from it. The tea takes care of over 300 diseases in your system.

5. PINEAPPLE LEAVES: Very useful, do not waste it. Its tea takes care of inflammatory pains. The tea from it wipes all pains in seconds, heals ulcer and cough too. It is better taken to nourish your body than poisoning your system with pain relieving tablets that do unending damage to the body. 

6. SOURSOP LEAVES: Brew or boil 3pcs  and drink as tea. It treats cancer more effectively than chemotherapy, it treats back pain, eczema and rheumatism. Serves as diabetes  remedy, it boots immune system and prevents infections. Soursop leaves offer fascinating quick recovery from diseases.

Drink natural green tea from economic tree leaves around you. And also eat their fruits for your well being,  Health is Wealth.

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