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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Yoruba Liberation Movement, Sends Focus Message for New Year:

2022 is the beginning of another social and political engagements across YORUBALAND and Nigeria at large.

As a movement that is curious to witness a greater YORUBALAND in our lifetime, we want to urge and as well plead to the entire Yoruba citizens to stay focus and awoke in order to achieve our aim politically and nationally within the context of Nigeria. For it is not enough to be living for nothing in the Nigeria political settings.

It is thus imperative to note that, our readiness to rule our world being the "GLORY OF BLACK RACE' would come with a price of Individual decorum when necessary, and to swallow our Individual Prides where necessary purposely to achieve our set objectives for the collective and greater good of YORUBALAND in its entirety.

Noting that, we can only make YORUBALAND great again when we adopt one common agenda as an ethnic nationality within the context of Nigeria.

Our campaign trail for 2022 will focus more on liberating the minds of Yoruba citizens to stay awake in achieving one common agenda as far as Nigeria political game is concerned.

We wish the entire Yoruba citizens happy New Year! and look forward to witnessing our desired outstanding YORUBALAND.

God bless YORUBALAND, God bless Yoruba citizens home and Abroad

Bisi Omo Olubadan
President, YLM

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