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Monday, January 31, 2022

Why I am contesting for member of the Lagos State House of Assembly....Mr. Ayotunde Kazeem Oduola, aka 'Lion T'

By Ajibade Alabi

Mr.  Ayotunde Kazeem Oduola is an astute  politician with a good heart who has done a lot for his Alimosho Constituecy 01 

The mushin, Lagos State born politician  had his post primary education at  Fiditi Grammar School, Fiditi,  Oyo State before proceeding to the Federal Polytechnic Offa,  Kwara State for his Ordinary National Diploma ( OND) in Business Studies and Management. He  obtained  Bachelor of Science, Bsc in criminology and security studies at the prestigious National Open University of Nigeria ( NOU). Tunde Oduola also obtained a professional Diploma in Protocol and Passages Operation management from University of Lagos(UNILAG). Mr. Oduola belongs is a member of some professional bodies such as an associate member of the International Society for Criminology,  USA, Fellow of Nigeria Society for Criminology,  NSC.

Tunde Oduola who has wealth of experiences which he aquired at the Nigerian custom license broker before established his own companies,  has throw his cap into the ring for the position of Member of the  Lagos State House of Assembly come 2023.

While speaking with our correspondent, Lion T has he is foundly called states his reasons why he is going to the Lagos State House of Assembly to serve his people

He said " For clarity and for records purposes,  you know I have been doing so many things in the community, running NGOs. So, people come to me and tell me that if I  can put all these things I am doing into politics,  the things will go far . 

I am a politician but  I have never contested for any political position before now. If  God in His mercy  allows me,  I want to represent my people at the Lagos State House of Assembly

Going down the memory lane on why  he joined politics despite his solid education background and experience in businesses, Lion Tunde further explained
"My joining politics is for two reasons. Firstly because politics runs in my family. My grandfather was a seasoned  politician and devoted follower to Chief Obafemi Awolowo. so,  I am a politician right from birth. As a youth, I  also once represent the newly created Afijio Local government  area in Oyo State in a competition at the national level during the  Babangida regime. So I have always been involved in politics in one way or the other. Secondly, another reason why i an contesting is for me to contribute my own little quota to the development of my constituents"

Mr. Oduola also spoke about the rumors,  factions and brouhaha that is reported to be brewing up in Alimosho APC. According to him, 
"Every political party  has its  own  problem, either at the local level or the  national level. In  Alimosho particularly,  I don't think there is a problem and if there is any problem in Alimosho APC, Alimosho has its way of solving her own problems internally. The leaders in Alimosho know how to solve the problems internally if there is any at all.

He also speaks about godfatherism in Nigeria politics. To Mr. Oduola, 
"godfatherism or no godfatherism, God is the Father of us all. Even if you have a god father and you as a candidate is not competent, Alimosho leaders will not recommend you. For  somebody like me, I am not a baby in  politics. I am a well groomed politician 

Hon Tunde Oduola has been involved in political right from his early school days. He participated in and selected as youth ambassador where he represented the then newly created Afijio local government area fiditi Oyo State. He was the assistant secretary of Bola Ahmed Tinubu Campaigns Organization (BATCO) .  He joined active politics through late Pa J. S Afininih (Alh Sports) whom he called his political father . From there he became active member of Alliance for Democracy ( AD)( Justice Forum) in 2003

 He  was once  a zonal chairman in ward B, later he became  general Secretary in Ward B. And at the moment is  the caretaker general Secretary in his Ward B  Agbado oke-odo Alimosho LCDA.  Also one of the delegate that representsented  his local government  at  the just concluded Lagos State Congress that produced current chairman in Lagos State Collinuus Ojelabi

So it's very obvious that when  Alimosho politics is been discussed.  Tunde Oduola can't be ignored. 

Little wonder everyone is embracing him as a politician to trust and who can be of a good representative. From the youth, to the women wing,  and the  Agbaletu the aged ones  are all behind him as a competent candidate, hence he has received  blessings from them.

Mr. Tunde Oduola is ready to deliver the dividends of democracy to his people if given the opportunity to do so. This is the opportunity.

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