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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Unveiled: Facts To Know About Murphy And Kemi Afolabi Relationship

Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi are renowned actors who are notable for giving sterling performances in movies. With many acting credits and many awards to their names, they are both pillars of the Yoruba movie industry and Nollywood, by extension.

However, due to their names and being in the same profession, the thespians are often misconstrued to be siblings or married to each other. Although there could be a link between them, we have facts to prove that only their profession in Nollywood unites them and not family or marriage.

Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi are neither siblings nor married to each other

Though, people easily assumes they are related either by blood or marriage because they share the same surname, but they’re not related in any way.

Both are popular Yoruba actors who have made marks in the Yoruba movie industry independent of each other. Outside the film industry, they are also pursuing different relationships with different people but never came close to dating.

While Murphy Afolabi was born and bred in Osun state, Kemi Afolabi was born and raised in Lagos State, both in South-Western Nigeria. Though they are both from Yoruba tribe, their families had nothing in common while they were toddlers and even up to their adulthood. Perhaps it was not until they both became famous in Nollywood as Yoruba thespians that people started noting the similarities in Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi’s last names.

Though it could have been assumed that their similar surname is not a coincidence as they could be married, but some fact-checkers  revealed that both Yoruba movie stars didn’t even come close to dating talk more of being married. Apparently, their matched surname is just a coincidence.

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