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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Adesope Urges Groups To Embrace Unity In Tackling Insecurity

As it is very clear that people still overstretched the festive mood from December to January while self employed see the need to rest after lenghty month of work, some salary earners too sometimes coined out an excuse just to rest at home. The president of Oodua Peoples'Congress Reformed, Ambassador Oludare Adesope has advised that people should be more security conscious during their resting period to avoid been caught unprepared.

Adesope said this in his new year message to his militant group members and the society at large " I want to advise everyone  to emulate the boxers and not loose their guards. Any boxer that losses his guard will be caught unaware and may lead to his downfall". 

He further explain that the eneny is not resting but always planning on the next attack so it will be wise if we all defend our territories instead of creating enemities among one another. " I pray that all militant group irrespective of faction, should team up together as one to tackle insecurity. We ought to know that our common enemy may work on our disunity to tackle us, so let us place leadership aside in other to work together as one" 

Responding to how unity can work among  different Yoruba militant groups, he said ' I have always say this and will continue to say it that we should all think Yoruba first in what we do because no matter what, our race come first. When we have it in mind that we want to defend Yoruba communities, we will not even think of group differences or misunderstanding, all we need to think is how to safe our land".

Adesope militant group came to lime light six years ago but took over securing Yoruba Land from enemies through its unrelenting efforts in fishing out criminals from unexpected location especially uncompleted or abandoned buildings located every corner of Yoruba communities

Chief Dare Adesope OPC group has bagged many merit awards from every sector of the society for making security a priority.

Chief Dare Adesope, also advises Western States governors to see to it that the youths are engage in this new year. ' Empowering youths is an achievable thing if the government embark on it. Our Western governors can team up together to create an empowerment programme for youths that will cut across all Yoruba speaking states, I am very sure this action alone can liberate many from poverty, get them engage and crime rate will be minimal because an idle hand is devil's workshop".

Conclusively, he sends a warm message to every OPC members irrespective of fraction in respect of the season and that they should all place security at the top of their list especially securing Yoruba communities. "It won't be a good story,if we have several militant groups in Yoruba land and our people can't still sleep with their eyes closed owing to insecurity".

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